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Review: Legendary Ranger Action Hero Figures – Wave 3 (Power Rangers Super Megaforce)

Mighty Morphin Red Ranger Action Hero
Mighty Morphin Green Ranger Action Hero
Dino Thunder Red Ranger Action Hero
S.P.D. Red Ranger Action Hero
Mystic Force Red Ranger Action Hero
Samurai Red Ranger Action Hero
Megaforce Red Ranger Action Hero
Megaforce Robo Knight Power Ranger Action Hero
$8.59 from Target (Available at Most Major Retailers)


Wave 3 of the Super Megaforce Action Heroes brings us our first group of Legendary Rangers to help celebrate the anniversary of Power Rangers! Included with this assortment are Mighty Morphin Red, Mighty Morphin Green, Dino Thunder Red, S.P.D. Red, Mystic Force Red, Samurai Red, Megaforce Red, and Megaforce Robo Knight.
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