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Review: ToQ Ressha EX – Den-O Ressha (Ressha Sentai ToQger)

ToQ Ressha EX – Den-O Ressha
Retail Release – May, 2014 – ¥1,500


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When ToQger first debuted, everyone started making Kamen Rider Den-O jokes. Little did they know Toei was way ahead of them! In the Kamen Rider Taisen film, the ToQgers arrive to assist the Kamen Riders, along with the Kyoryugers! Kamen Rider Den-O’s Denliner transforms into the Den-O Ressha to replace the Blue and Green Ressha as new feet for ToQ-Oh! In the film, the Kyoryuger Ressha combines as well, to create ToQ-Oh Kyoryuzin feat. Denliner! That’s a mouthful. On its own, the Den-O Ressha are two of the same Ressha, though the rear cab features the clips on the opposite side. These clips allow you to continue to use the Denliner feet when making things like ChoToQ-Oh!  This allows you to make some really unique and interesting combinations with the Super Sentai Ressha, Den-O Ressha, and other main Ressha to make all sorts of Cho formations! In the ToQ Changer either Ressha allows you to hear “Kamen Rider Den-O! Den-O!” as the transformation as well as the usual summoning of the Ressha and Norikae features. Den-O fans, even if you don’t like ToQger, will probably get a kick out of this. That being said, it’s probably the least important Ressha released to date, and if you don’t care about the formation, doesn’t do a whole lot. Really only mildly recommended.


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