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Review: DX Kiwami Lock Seed (Kamen Rider Gaim)

DX Kiwami Lock Seed
Retail Release – June, 2014 – ¥2,500

P1060522Get your Kiwami Lock Seed from CSToys International!

Or get it in a set with the Kachidoki Lock Seed!

Kouta’s final upgrade comes in the form of the Kiwami Lock Seed, created from a seed of the Fruit of Knowledge. When used in conjunction with the Kachidoki Lock Seed, it turns him into Gaim Kiwami Arms, a superpowered Shogun that has the ability of every Arms the forest of Helheim has to offer. The toy was released in June, 2014 for ¥2,500. On its own, this beauty of a Lock Seed can say multiple phrases of Kouta with the push of the back button. Randomly, Other!Mai will but in with two phrases of her own. Unlike other Lock Seeds, instead of unlocking, a button on the bottom springs out a key with the call of “Fruit(s) Basket!” Included is a new faceplate for the Sengoku Driver, that has a slot and pegs for the Kiwami Lock Seed to click in place. Turn the key to swing open the alternate panel on the Kachidoki Lock Seed, as well as swing open the Kiwami Lock Seed to hear the epic transformation sound. This form is capable of the usual Squash, Au Lait, and Sparking attacks. As stated before, you can use the Lock Seed’s turn function to summon any of the Arms Weapons: Daidaimaru, Banaspear, Budou Ryuhou, Melon Defender, Pine Iron, Ichigo Kunai, Suika Soujintou, Mango Punisher, Kiwi Gekirin, Donkachi, Kagematsu, Dorinoko, Kurumi Bomber, Sonic Arrow, Musou Saber, and finally the Hinawa Daidai DJ Jyuu. The Kiwami Lock Seed can also be used alone in the Sengoku Driver (with all three attacks still), the Genesis Core, the Genesis Driver, Sonic Arrow, Musou Saber, and DJ Gun, and any combination thereof. This thing certainly packs a punch. Considering how much you can do with just the Lock Seed and the faceplate (half the transformation sound and all the weapon sounds), adding the other toys to the toy just makes the playability increase more and more. Easily one of the most entertaining toys the line has to offer. Definitely recommended for all Gaim fans and collectors alike.


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