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Review: Q Rex Megazord (Power Rangers Super Megaforce)

Q Rex Megazord
$34.97 from Walmart
Available at Most Major Retailers


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Given to Orion by the Quantum Ranger (at least if a Megabloks description is anything to go off of), the Silver Super Megaforce Ranger uses the mighty Q Rex to defend the Earth from the Armada! Ignoring all the potential things wrong with that scenario, we finally have our Super Megaforce release of Gokaiger’s GoZyuJin, the Dinosaur/Drill/Robot used by Gokai Silver, and thus Orion in Super Megaforce. Much like GoZyuJin, the toy can transform between the Dinosaur Rex Mode, Drill Tank Mode, and Robot Modes. The toy itself retains a lot of its transformation points from GoZyuJin, with the only major difference being the legs now pegging into the side of the body in Drill Tank Mode, instead of being able to fold around like GoZyuDrill’s formation. Of course, being a Bandai America toy, the toy is full of Zord Builder ports, making the fun factor high and the possibilities rather endless at this point. It’s fun to combine the toy with the Dino Megazord from 2010 to create a spiffy new Dinosaur mech. A bunch of other neat combinations will open up when Dino Charge releases next year. Of course, you can also mix and match it with the Legendary Megazord to create a form seen in Gokaiger, as well as some forms from your own imagination. This guy also has a new toy exclusive mode when combined with the upcoming Ninja Storm Minizord! Finally it can combine with the Legendary Megazord and the upcoming Turbo Falcon Megazord to create the Ultimate Legendary Megazord formation. At the core, the Q Rex Megazord is a pretty decent substitute for the Japanese version, and if you have a huge Zord Builder collection, is more than worth picking up. The biggest flaw with the toy is the lack of opening drill to make the trident or shield modes, and the lack of spring based drill spinning. Fortunately they did add Ranger Key functionality to make the drill spin, even if it looks kind of dirty. Sure, there’s some missing paint, but for the price, it’s a pretty neat toy that I more than recommend for people with healthy Zord Builder collections. The fun factor here is really incredible. If detail and accuracy is your thing, then save up some extra cash for GoZyuJin, as the missing details will probably really bug you.

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