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Review: Armored Might Super Mega Silver Ranger (Power Rangers Super Megaforce)

Armored Might Super Mega Silver Ranger
$16.99 from Toys R Us
Available at Most Major Retailers


After taking a leave of absence from the Armored Might line for the Mighty Morphin Green and Super Megaforce Red releases, a TRU coupon, and a general love for Gokai Silver pulled me back with the Armored Might Super Mega Silver Ranger, as the package likes to call him. I’m not a huge fan of the Armored Mights. I like the articulation and playability they bring, but the overly muscular, oddly proportioned designs are a huge turn off. Thankfully when you snap the armor on this guy, most of that is hidden. Included with the Silver Ranger are two alternate hands, the Super Silver Spear, an anchor head for the spear, the Super Silver Spear in Blaster Mode, and of course, the Gold Mode armor. The main body for this guy is the same as all of the other Armored Mights, but the new head sculpt is pretty neat, being able to slide the bandana down to switch between the normal mode and Gold Mode heads. Interestingly enough (similar to Robo Knight) you can use the armor and the Super Silver Spear Anchor Mode to create this weird blaster weapon that sort of looks like the Gold Anchor Key. It’s actually pretty cool, and looks like a huge crossbow weapon when held on the arm. As per normal, you can attach all the armor to him, which actually looks great. All of the helmets are stickered on, but are over bumps to give the illusion of molded on heads. The end result is really cool, and I love the look of Gold Mode on this figure. The anchor bits do protrude quite a bit, to the point the arm posing can get tedious. Despite that, the mode looks nice, and is definitely worth getting for that alone. If you aren’t a fan of the line, I urge you to give this one a shot. The Gold Mode hides his weird chest muscles to the point where it looks like an acceptable figure! Him and Robo Knight top my list for these figures. He’s definitely worth the pick up, especially if you like this mode.

[youtube http://youtu.be/GWJmTG7jl8Q]

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