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Review: Power Morphicon Limited Edition Ranger Key Set (Power Rangers Super Megaforce)

Power Morphicon Limited Edition Ranger Key Set
$10 – Only at Power Morphicon



A Bandai Exclusive at Power Morphicon has been a thing for two years now. Last year’s exclusive was readily available, but this year was a little bit different. Instead of being a simple “walk up and buy” situation, Bandai decided to mimic their actions from SDCC and make people stand in lines to receive tickets. You either got a guarenteed ticket, or a “lottery” ticket. One promised you a Key Set when you stood in a new line to wait and actually buy it. The other ticket was a random draw. Some got it, some didn’t. This made the Key Sets really sought after, limited to (apparently) 500 total. Between the 1.5 hours to stand in line to get a ticket, then another half hour at the Bandai Booth, the process was rather taxing.

That being said, the exclusive itself is a Ranger Key Set containing Ranger Keys of the Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger and the Lightspeed Rescue Titanium Ranger. During Morphin Madness, these two Rangers were pitted against each other in the finals, apparently warranting this combo Key Set. Titanium is a neat addition to the collection, given it’s currently unknown if we’ll get a Key of him at domestic release, and Japan of course never had a Key for this US exclusive Ranger. Wolf Ranger hasn’t seen a release normally yet, and being a favorite Ranger of mine, I’m glad he was included in this set. As an added bonus, both David (RJ) and Rhett (Ryan) were at PMC4, meaning fans could get their sets autographed by the two actors. The paint on these is beautiful. Titanium has a nice Bandai Silver paint to him that looks impressive. Wolf has a nice glossy purple paint that looks brilliant in person. The box art is really cool too, featuring photos of both Rangers, a really neat window design, and bios for both characters as well. Both Keys activate the “Power Morphicon!” sound in the Legendary Morpher, and work as normal Keys in the Key Scanner App. If you were able to get this set at the convention, it was certainly worth the time and $10 to get it.

Unfortunately, the set is going for anywhere between $50-$100 on eBay. If you manage to snag a set for $50 or below, I still think it’s worth it in the end. We don’t know if these will see a release outside of this set, and if we do, they definitely won’t look as beautiful as these ones do. Anything higher and you start getting into weird territory where it’s just not worth it for two Keys. But if you’re willing to pay the price, you won’t be disappointed with the set. It’s definitely a collectible and the quality shows.

[youtube http://youtu.be/HiNEPg6pvJM]


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