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Review: Arms Change 13 – Kamen Rider Gaim Kiwami Arms (Kamen Rider Gaim)

Arms Change 13 – Kamen Rider Gaim Kiwami Arms
Retail Release – July, 2014 – ¥3,500

P1070956Grab Kiwami Arms at CSToys International!

Our final retail release of the Arms Change Series is none other than Kouta’s final form: Kamen Rider Gaim Kiwami Arms. It was released in July, 2014 for ¥3,500. Obviously Kiwami is a very sleek armor and as such, has no fruit mode of its own. To compensate for that, Kiwami Arms comes with a transparent armor resembling Kachidoki Arms. This armor plugs onto the back and front of the figure using spring loaded launchers. When the dial is turned, the top and bottom parts of the armor will launch off, just like the show. It’s a pretty lame gimmick that doesn’t have much playability. Fortunately when you strip Kiwami Arms of his two cape pieces and helmet piece, you can actually attach any of the previous Arms onto Kiwami’s base body. Also included are the DJ Gun in Gun Mode and Daiken Mode, but now cast in gray plastic to match Kiwami. The molds however are thinner, so the figure can hold them much easier than those with Kachidoki. While the base figure is rather bland compared to the actual suit, the fact that it has capability with the previous Arms is still really cool. While not worth the retail price, if you can pick it up at a discount, it’s a neat base body to add to your Arms Change collection. If you’re looking for an awesome Kiwami Arms toy, head toward the S.H.Figuarts release.

[youtube http://youtu.be/4wwRBz2pgXc]


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