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Unboxing: Pokémon TCG – Furious Fists Elite Trainer Box

Furious Fists Elite Trainer Box
$39.99 at Most Major Retailers
Purchased from Target

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 7.18.59 PM

The Elite Trainer Boxes are $40 boxes filled with anything and everything you need to play the Pokémon TCG. They used to come out on a bi-set basis, but now Pokémon has announced they plan to release them every set starting with Furious Fists! Included in the Furious Fists Elite Trainer Box are:

• 8 Booster Packs of XY: Furious Fists
• 45 Energy Cards (5 of each type)
• 65 Card Sleeves featuring Mega Lucario
• 4 Furious Fists branded dividers (2 of the Logo, 2 of Mega Lucario)
• 6 Damage Counter dice with the Furious Fists logo on the 1
• 1 Flip die with the Furious Fists logo on the 1
• 1 acrylic Burn Marker
• 1 acrylic Poison Marker
• 1 Furious Fists Players’ Guide

As always, I really love these boxes, and I’m beyond stoked they are doing them every set. After a couple of these boxes, you have a wide variety of sleeves to use, a nice supply of markers, and several different sets of dice to choose from. You’ll have an ample supply of storage space and Energy Cards too! Considering eight Booster Packs would run you at least $32 before tax, the value is great! For experienced tournament players, you’re getting a lot of supplies to use, as well as a chance to pull some great stuff out of those packs. For new players, you’re getting booster packs, as well as a “starter kit” of sorts for all the tools needed to play competitively. At the end of the day, they’re a great value, and a great item for both collectors, players, and newbies alike. Next stop: Phantom Forces!

[youtube http://youtu.be/WpjQY_6m0y0]


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