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Review: DX Shift Car Holder (Kamen Rider Drive)

DX Shift Car Holder
October, 2014 – ¥2,500


Every Rider has something attached to his belt that can store the gimmick. Kamen Rider Drive has the Shift Car Holder. This is worn in both transformed and untransformed, and allows Shinnosuke and Kiriko (and presumably anyone else that wears one) to hold the Shift Cars and prevent themselves from being effected by the Density Shift. The toy was released in October, 2014 for ¥2,500 give or take depending on the store. It can also be purchased together with the Drive Driver in a special set. The Shift Car Holder can hold up to three Shift Cars. Each car locks in securely and actually takes a little bit of effort to remove. The holder itself clips nicely on the belt, with no fear of falling off. Included is the Shift Funky Spike Shift Car. It’s green, purple, and definitely spiky, very reminiscent of a certain Durian Man. It activates the Tire Koukan for Drive to wield the Funky Spike Tire, which basically gives his tire attacks an extra point. Overall, the Shift Car Holder is great for what it does. It’s a great way to store three Shift Cars during travel, and also serves as a great cosplay piece as well. However, if Funky Spike isn’t worth it to you, and you don’t need what the Holder offers, it’s probably a simple pass.

Funky Spike is worth it though, just saying.


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