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Review: TK01 – Kamen Rider Drive Type Speed (Kamen Rider Drive)

TK01 – Kamen Rider Drive Type Speed
October, 2014 – ¥3,200


Kamen Rider gimmick figures have been relatively hit and miss over the years, but the Arms Change Series really opened people’s eyes to how great these lines can be. Drive introduces us to the Tire Koukan (TK) Series, in hopes to run us over with excitement. The first in the line, TK01, was released in October, 2014 at the start of the show for ¥3,200. TK01 is of course Kamen Rider Drive Type Speed, his default form. Included with TK01 is the Type Speed body, the Speed Tire, and the Max Flare Tire. The entire gimmick of the Tire Koukan series is of course: Tire Koukan! This involves switching the tire located on Drive’s chest. In the show, this gives him different abilities depending gone the equipped tire. Speed is his default tire, which lets him attack quickly. Meanwhile Max Flare gives his attacks an added burst of heat. To switch tires, simply pull apart the two sections of Drive. This lets you pop out the tire and swap it with one of your choosing, much like the Arms Change Series before it. Unfortunately Type Speed doesn’t come with the Handle Sword or Door Gun, two future weapons for the Rider. However, future figures can have these weapons, and future Tire Sets will feature weapons for those tires that give him physical weapons. In terms of articulation, you’re looking at all the base points these gimmick figures have had for years. This means you can get several great poses. While it’s not at the level of S.H.Figuarts, the poseability and detail within this figure is pretty darn great. Unfortunately the prices for these figures keep rising. Thankfully, the quality and detail in each figure continues to improve. If you’re a little impatient to wait for the S.H.Figuarts release, or plan on buying into all of the TK releases, this figure is great. Overall a great purchase and a great figure.

[youtube http://youtu.be/QnaWcLY3fG4]


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