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Unboxing: Pokémon TCG – Phantom Forces Elite Trainer Box

Phantom Forces Elite Trainer Box
$39.99 at Most Major Retailers


The Elite Trainer Boxes are a series of boxes released by The Pokémon Company International that retail for $39.99 at most retailers. Each box contains a variety of tools you need to play the game competitively, all themed after the set the box represents. For Phantom Forces, we receive 8 Phantom Forces Booster Packs, 4 Mega Gengar/Phantom Forces Logo dividers, 65 Mega Gengar card sleeves, 6 damage counter dice with the logo on the “1”, 1 flip die with the logo on the “1”, the usual acrylic burn and poison markers, and 45 basic Energy Cards. Also included is a “Player’s Guide” to the set, featuring the Mega, EX, and Trainers of the set, as well as a gallery and checklist of all the cards in the set. Let’s not forget the box it comes packed in as well, as it’s a great tool for storing extras for the set, your deck and damage counters during a tournament, or anything else. I LOVE these releases. Yeah, they’re pricy, but what you get is definitely worth your value. You get eight packs, which basically covers most of the retail cost as it is, as well as slew of tools you use all the time in tournaments. This makes these great investments for new players and old players alike. With that in mind, they’re a great addition to the TCG line up, and I’m really happy they’re moving to a set-by-set release for these. Plus pulling a full-art or some EXs definitely helps make it worth your buck. 😀

[youtube http://youtu.be/Q_RLkkJzwHg]

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