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Review: TK04 – Tire Set Second (Kamen Rider Drive)

TK04 – Tire Set Second
November, 2014 – ¥1,800


Our fourth Tire Koukan release is our second tire set, aptly named Tire Set Second! It was released in November, 2014 for ¥1,800. This set includes tires and accessories for Spin Mixer, Dream Vegas, and Mad Doctor. Spin Mixer is the least exciting of the bunch, being a simple gray tire. However the does actually have a nice texture molded into it to resemble concrete. While boring, I have to give it props for that. Dream Vegas (my spirit animal) consists of the main tire, and two side tires that eventually act as shields for Drive. Drive (in either Speed or Wild) can attach all three at once to emulate the look of the finishing attack in the show. Unfortunately all three can NOT be connected together when the tire is separate. You can attach the two shields together, but the main tire must be kept separate. I just have to say how much I love the look and gimmick to Dream Vegas. Finally Mad Doctor is a Type Wild style tire. Designed after an ambulance, this tire is white with an EKG reading along the center. Attached is a small white box with what resembles a stethoscope attached to a rope. This box can be attached to the tire when in Type Wild, or removed to be carried around. Obviously Type Speed and Type Technique must have the box removed to wield the tire. Of course, all three tires can be used with the DX Tridoron toy as well. Overall, this is a really fun tire set that ultimately trumps the first one for me. While Spin Mixer is relatively boring, Dream Vegas’ unique gimmick, shield weapons, and look really complete the set for me. Mad Doctor is a really fun release as well! If you’re super into the Tire Koukan Series this is definitely a must buy. However, with no figure included, it can be an easy pass for figure focused collectors. It definitely gets a recommendation from me, if not for Dream Vegas alone.


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1 thought on “Review: TK04 – Tire Set Second (Kamen Rider Drive)”

  1. The Attachment piece for the Mad Doctor Tire is supposed to be a Defibrillator. Per the episode where Drive was “shocked” back to health. So I guess it’s a healing thing and potentially a weapon…. 😉 As many others have said, thank you for all your diligent reviews – They have been directly responsible for some of my favorite Toku purchases. 🙂

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