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Review: DX Break Gunner (Kamen Rider Drive)

DX Break Gunner
November, 2014 – ¥3,800


Despite being a villain character, Mashin Chaser is getting a slew of merchandise! In a surprising turn we actually get the DX Break Gunner, his transformation device and weapon. It was released in November, 2014 for ¥3,800. The Break Gunner is a unique weapon incorporating elements from an iron knuckle type weapon and a gun. By tapping barrel of the gun, you can hear the sexy seducing voice switch between “Break!”, the melee attack mode, or “Gun!” the, well, gun attack mode. Each mode has one unique attack sound. Holding the barrel button down will initiate the “Break! Up!” transformation sound, which is just really damn amazing. Inserting the included Chaser Bat Viral Core into the device gives the “Tune! Chaser Bat!” sound, and gives the device a new attack noise. Additionally, you can insert any of Drive’s Shift Cars into the device to hear their own “Tune!” phrases, along with another new, but generic firing sound. If you hold the barrel button down with a Viral Core or Shift Car inserted, you initiate the “Execution! Full Break! Bat!” sound. Each Viral Core and Shift Car has a unique phrase (Flare, Shadow, Spike, etc.), but all do the same final attack explosion sound.

Overall, the Break Gunner is a surprise hit with me. It’s extremely rare that a villain gets any merchandise at all, let alone his weapon/transformation device. Not only that, the fact that it includes a reader that can read not only Viral Cores, but Shift Cars as well is simply incredible, and gives the toy a lot of playability. While it’s a shame the Shift Cars don’t have unique attack sounds, it’s still neat that they all have unique phrases to unlock. While it can’t “replace” a Drive Driver in a collection, it’s a unique and fun toy in its own right, with tons of playability. Not to mention it just looks and sounds damn cool. I love this toy.


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