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Unboxing: Arcade Block – December, 2014

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Gaming has always been a core element of the Nerd Block Classic, but the company has hence decided to split the world of gamin into a new product: Arcade Block. For the same $19.99 plus shipping as Nerd Block Classic, you get a t-shirt and a boxful of goodies all related to your favorite gaming franchises. What you get inside is random every month, so you never know what franchises or items the Block Crew will touch upon next. For those of you not quite into gaming, you can check out Nerd Block Classic (pop culture/comic based), Horror Block (horror based), or the Nerd Block Jr. (kid franchises) varieties as well. There’s a Block for everyone! Click on the link below to subscribe.

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Contents of December 2014’s block, as well as my unboxing video are after the jump.


• Super Smash Bros. Brawl City T-Shirt
• Portal 2 Aperture Laboratories Scarf
• The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass Gashapon Figure (Link)
• Sonic the Hedgehog Fridge Magnets
• Halo Forerunner Glyph Lanyard
• Asobu Touch Control Joystick Keychain

After a ho-hum November, December’s block is back to hitting me in the face with cool things. I love Smash Bros. While the shirt is definitely dated a bit, I still really like it! This one is definitely getting into my wardrobe. Next up we have the Portal Scarf. I’m not big on scarves, but I never knew how freaking comfy they could be. Given how cold I’m getting nowadays, I might actually wear this one out. It’s really nice! Everything else is smaller, but that doesn’t mean they’re lame. The Zelda Gashapon figures are always nice. I’ve got a lot of the other series sitting on my gaming shelf. The Sonic magnets are pretty neat! I’d love to get some Mario ones too. Needless to say my mini-fridge now looks like Green Hill Zone. The lanyard is really neat. I haven’t reached that point in Halo (I still need an Xbox One…) but I do like the franchise and hope to make sense of it at some point in my life. Finally the little phone joystick keychain is overall kind of pointless, but it’s a neat thing to have on your keyring anyway. Overall, this block was pretty great. I love the shirt, I love the scarf, and everything else is just really cool as well. I’m really glad I decided to stick with Arcade Block.

As always, these aren’t for everyone, but if you’re willing to dish out about $30 a month for a surprise box filled with a bunch of neat (and possibly exclusive!) items, then this is a great thing to do. If you’re a horror fan, comic fan or have children you want to share the experience with, be sure to check out the Horror Block, Nerd Block Classic, and Nerd Block Jr. subscriptions as well. These things are really fun to me, and I look forward to next month’s Block.

Thanks Arcade Block!

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