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Review: ACSP – Kamen Rider Gaim Drive Arms (Kamen Rider Gaim)

ACSP – Kamen Rider Gaim Drive Arms
December, 2014 – ¥3,200



Movie forms don’t always get gimmick figure releases, but somehow for Full Throttle, both Drive and Gaim’s new forms see a retail release!  Lastly we have Gaim’s new form in the film: Drive Arms! With the Drive Lockseed, Kamen Rider Gaim can wield the Drive Arms. Like the other Rider Arms seen in previous Taisen films, the Drive Arms is Drive Type Speed’s helmet that falls onto Gaim and unfolds into armor. This new look gives Gaim some bulky shoulder pads, a grill on his chest, and an impressive spoiler sitting behind his Drive-esque helmet. One more change is that Gaim’s iconic helmet crest is all new, shaped like a stylized “R” just like Drive’s logo. This of course means that an all new figure had to be made, instead of just bundling the Drive Arms with TKSP or something like that. The base figure is the same as the Gaim we have gotten before, just with the new head crest. Included with the Drive Arms are red plastic versions (the originals were better painted black versions) of the Handle-Ken and Door-Ju weapons, as Gaim wields both in the movie as Drive Arms.

Overall, I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the figure. The new head crest is a nice touch, but feels like a way to force a full figure release instead of the simpler route of bundling the Drive Arms. I’m also just not a huge fan of the way the Drive Arms looks. It’s relatively bulky, and the upper region limits head movement quite a bit, to the point that I feel like I did something wrong. While I recommend it to AC fans who just need to have their collection complete, it’s by no means the best the AC line has to offer. While not a bad figure, I’m just not a fan.


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