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Review: Legacy Saba the Talking Tiger Saber (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)

Legacy Saba the Talking Tiger Saber
$99.99 from Toys R Us


After the release of Legacy Dragon Dagger and Legacy Dragonzord last year, it was only a matter of time before Bandai hopped over to the other incarnation of their precious Tommy with Legacy Saba and Legacy Tigerzord. Saba has finally hit Toys R Us shelves for $99.99, the same price as the Dragon Dagger, which I found generally surprising given how much larger Saba is. The package continues the trend of mimicking the original package, right down to the funny name for the toy. It definitely has shelf presence.

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Saba itself is a gorgeous toy. Just as the Dragon Dagger felt like a 1:1 replica, Saba, despite being a much larger weapon, feels like that too. The toy has diecast in the hilt of the sword and on the helmet of Saba, giving the toy a great balance of weight above and below your hand. The diecast parts have a nice chrome finish, while the rest of the toy is painted with some sharp looking paint. Extra props to the blade of the  toy. It retains the size and shape seen on the show, while retaining the extending gimmick the original toy (and prop) had. The blade is painted a nice gunmetal color, which just looks fantastic. I’ve heard some complaints about Saba’s head, particularly the design of the helmet, but it’s nothing to make me hate the toy, since I can’t even point out what they were. I love the coloring on the head, mirroring the look Saba had in the show perfectly. It’s just an all around well crafted piece. I love every inch of it.

Saba has three generic sword noises when you press either of the two buttons on the face side of the handle. Right below the back of Saba’s helmet are two additional buttons. The one on the left plays a single generic tiger growl. The right button cycles through a number of Saba’s phrases. They even brought in Tony Oliver to voice the clips for even more authenticity.
“Activate the Tigerzord!”
“White Tigerzord! Tiger mode! Battle ready now!”
“Oh! That was most impressive!”
“I’m having difficulty getting through to the Red Ranger!”
“I think you need a bit more power!”
“I’ll take care of him!”
One of the coolest features of the toy is the fact that when Saba talks, his jaw moves in line with what he is saying. Of course, gears must be used to achieve this, so the toy does have a mechanical noise every time it speaks, but the effect is something really cool that I appreciate them adding. His eyes light up as he speaks as well. Finally, if you hold down either of the two speaking buttons, the Mighty Morphin theme song will play, just like the Dragon Dagger. It’s the lyrical version of the theme too.

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Overall, Saba is a wonderful toy that no fan should pass up. The price tag might be steep to some collectors, but the quality found in this toy is top notch. It balances the line between prop replica and functional toy in an absolutely thrilling manner. The Dragon Dagger was a winner for me, but Saba just blew it out of the water. It’s bigger, better, and simply amazing. Find it, buy it, because to quote Bruno, “I think you need that.”


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