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Review: Legacy White Tigerzord (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)

Legacy White Tigerzord
$79.99 from Toys R Us


In a moderately weird turn of events, we have received the Legacy White Tigerzord as our next Legacy Zord, as opposed to the Thunder Megazord. Let’s be real though, Tommy = $$$. Plus the Tigerzord has always been one of my favorites, so I’m not really gonna complain. Just give me my Thunder Megazord next please. Anyway, this was released alongside the Legacy Saba toy for $79.99, the same price point as the Legacy Dragonzord before it.

While the box isn’t entirely accurate to the original (original was horizontal) it manages to look the part while fitting in perfectly with the re-release of the Legacy Megazord and the mounds of leftover Legacy Dragonzords no one wanted anymore. The Legacy Dragonzord was a huge departure from the original, adding more detail and articulation then ever before in the line. Coming from a toy that already had pretty decent articulation, Legacy Tigerzord doesn’t have the same wow factor the Legacy Dragonzord did. That’s not to say it’s a bad toy however, in fact, I love it. Tigerzord mode looks really sleek. It, like most Legacy releases, is smaller than the original, but it certainly makes up for it in sculpt and paint. Gone are the days of peeling stickers or losing red orbs. Everything is painted wonderfully, and all the points of movement in the original are once again present. The toy features diecast in the nails of all four feet, as well as the hinge inside the legs for added stability. It’s not a lot, but the added weight helps make the toy more impressive. While it doesn’t have any lights or sounds, it just looks really nice on display. Transformation into Megazord mode is really simple, utilizing nearly the same transformation as the original toy. While I love Tiger Mode, the Megazord Mode just looks sleek. The legs retain a much more rounded, streamline design seen in the show compared to the original toy. In fact the proportions match the suit almost perfectly! Again, despite being much smaller, the new proportions, sculpt, and paint just look great. It has all the tabs and ports to combine with a Thunder Megazord, but since we don’t have that, you can use Legacy Megazord pieces instead to help satisfy your Zyu3 wet dreams. The end combination is actually pretty nice all things considered. Go grab Samurai, Gosei Great, or other Megazord legs while you’re at it. Just because this is a collectible release doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.

Overall, Legacy Tigerzord doesn’t have the same “wow” factor as Legacy Dragonzord, but it’s still a really great toy. I never had huge problems with the original Tigerzord, but something about this new one, be it the paint, sculpt, or design in general just has me loving it a lot. Tigerzord has always been one of my favorite designs, so I can see him staying on my desk for a while before moving to the Legacy shelf. Just like Saba, if you’re a fan of the White Ranger, this design in general, then grab this guy when you see him. I really enjoy it.


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