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Review: DX Matsubokkuri Energy Lock Seed (Kamen Rider Gaim)

DX Matsubokkuri Energy Lock Seed
Premium Bandai Exclusive – November, 2014 – ¥2,160


In the summer Gaim film’s alternate reality, Peco from Team Baron got a hold of a Genesis Driver and an all new Lock Seed, the Matsubokkuri Energy Lock Seed to transform into Kamen Rider Kurokage Shin Matsubokkuri Energy Arms. The form is lackluster, simply being the Kurokage we’re used to but with a Genesis Driver and a fancy new spear. The Lock Seed he uses is just as thrilling as he is. Not very.

What you get is basically no different than a normal release Energy Lock Seed. It’s cast in the same clear blue plastic, and the back button cycles through the same systematic sounds the other four do. Even the opening mechanism is ripped straight from the Peach Energy Lock Seed. What is new however is the jingles, which I actually enjoy quite a bit. Cherry is still the winner, but I really dig the Japanese orientated tunes the Matsubokkuri one has to offer. The toy even has access to “Jinba Matsubokkuri!” when used with the Genesis Core and the Sengoku Driver. I still wonder what that would look like.

Overall, unless you’re a Lock Seed completist, this is probably a pretty simple pass. While the sounds are neat, it doesn’t offer a whole lot of new in all the other departments, and was barely used on screen. It technically isn’t even real. While it has its pros, and looks great on display, it’s ultimately up to you on whether it’s worth hunting down.


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