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Review and Demo: DX Trailer-Hou and Shift Formula (Kamen Rider Drive)

DX Trailer-Hou and Shift Formula
March, 2015 – ¥5,800

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The Trailer-Hou (Trailer Cannon) is a weapon developed by Rinna for Type Formula to stabilize the power of the form. The toy was released in March, 2015 alongside the debut in the show, and retailed for around ¥5,800. What sets this release apart from other weapons in the Drive toy line, is that it features a fully functioning Shift Car reader, much like the Drive Driver or Mach Driver. This means you can get a unique sound for every Shift Car available in the line! Unfortunately, the Signal Bikes (besides Mach and Chaser) as well all the Viral Cores all produce a generic “Signal Hou!” and “Viral Hou!” phrases instead of something more unique. All the Shifts Cars (baring any special releases like High Speed or Mega Max Flare) all produce new, unique phrases that blend their activation tune with an attack sound. This alone makes the Trailer-Hou a really playable weapon. To top it off, the Trailer Mode is really fun to have on display, has its own set of neat sounds via the trigger, and has neat functionality that lets you slide a Shift Car down the trailer and out the back. When in Cannon Mode, two Shift Cars can be rolled inside to activate the Full Throttle finisher.

Overall, the Trailer-Hou is the first weapon from Drive that I can 100% recommend. The functionality with all of the Shift Cars makes it a whole lot of fun. While not 1:1 by any means, it has a lot of heft and size, making it a convincing role play weapon for sure. The inclusion of the much necessary Shift Formula is only more of a reason for collectors and kids alike to snatch this one up. While the Mach Driver is still the best the line has to offer, this one is definitely up there.

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