Review: Guardian Beast Big March Series – Pteranodon Plush (Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger)

Guardian Beast Big March Series – Pteranodon Plush
1992 – Purchased from Mandarake


During episode 38 of Zyuranger, the final scene of the episode showed the kids (and our heroes) with plush versions of the five main Guardian Beasts. Unbeknownst to some fans now is that those are actual products released by Bandai during Zyuranger called the Guardian Beast Big March Series. While it’s pretty hard to get any factual data on their releases, such as release date, cost, and method of release, all five were available to collect, directly from the show. They are incredibly rare to find nowadays. I managed to snag this one on Mandarake for only ¥1,500, so the fact that I received a near mint toy with a pretty decent condition box is pretty amazing. This is Pteranodon is definitely a star of my Sentai collection.

Pteranodon was more or less the star of the group of plushies, coming from a Mei focus episode of Zyuranger. The Pteranodon is attached to a wired controller with two buttons. The left button lets it scoot across the ground as if it was walking. The right button lets the Pteranodon flap its wings and squawk. The toy itself reminds me immensely of those electronic dogs, parrots, elephants, and other animals that were in a little pin in front of Kay Bee Toys (KB Toys). The sounds of my childhood man. While made of hard plastic inside, the Pteranodon is by no means cuddly, but it certainly looks adorable in its own durpy way.

Overall, these releases are really awesome novelty pick-ups. Unfortunately, with as rare as they are, getting all five is near impossible. At the time of this posting, there is only one singular ZyuMammoth on Yahoo Japan Auctions, and nothing on Mandarake. If you’re a big Zyuranger fan, these will definitely be a star of your collection. Even if you aren’t the biggest Zyuranger fan, they’re adorable and fun to own for sure. Unfortunately for the price they generally go for, it’s hard to justify these. Well worth it for any hardcore collector however. It makes me really happy to own one.

[youtube http://youtu.be/8JMgCeQ_2yk]

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