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Review: DX Formula Shift Car Set (Kamen Rider Drive)

DX Formula Shift Car Set
April, 2015 – ¥2100


In order to maintain Type Formula, Rinna developed the Pit Crew, a group of three Shift Cars that were designed to strengthen and maintain Type Formula’s body. These include Shift Mantarn F01, Shift Jacky F02, and Shift Sparner F03. The Pit Crew was released in a pack titled the DX Formula Shift Car Set. It was released in April, 2015 for ¥2100. The Shift Cars activated new sounds in the Drive Driver, Mach Driver, and the Trailer-Hou. They can also be used in all other Shift Car Series toys.

Shift Mantarn F01 (Mantan) is based off a gas pump. This Shift Car gives Drive Type Formula a speed boost. Shift Jacky F02 is based off a car jack. Using this Shift Car gives Drive the Jacky Riser, a weapon attached to the tire on his arm, as well as the ability to create energy attacks shaped like a car jack. Finally Shift Sparner F03 (Spanner) is based off a spanner wrench. Using this Shift Car will not only fix up any damage done to Drive Type Formula, but gives Drive the Grasper Claw weapon attached to the tire on his arm.

All three Shift Cars activate new Tire Koukan sounds in the Drive Driver, labeled F01, F02, and F03. They also activate new Tire Koukans in the Mach Driver labeled Ichiban, Niban, and Sanban. Finally they all activate new attacks in the Trailer-Hou, with the device announcing the actual name of the Shift Car. Unfortunately the Break Gunner treats them like Shift Formula, and simply says “Advanced System!”.

Overall, the DX Formula Shift Car Set is great for those of you that picked up the Trailer-Hou. If you never bothered to pick it up, then this set is a pretty easy pass. Of course if you’re collecting all the show-used Shift Cars, then they’re necessary for a collection, but if you’re just looking for fun toys, the Trailer-Hou is the only toy that actually makes these incredibly fun.

[youtube http://youtu.be/AE53Yg53GNg]

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