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Review: Henshin Device Ninja Starburger (Shuriken Sentai Ninninger)

Henshin Device Ninja Starburger
May, 2015 – ¥3,980


The American ninja, Starninger, has arrived! To transform into Starninger, Kinji uses the Ninja Starburger and the Starninger Shuriken! The toy was released in May, 2015 for ¥3,980. Unfortunately, unlike the Ninja Ichibanto, the Ninja Starburger has no internal electronics. All of the electronics of the toy are found in the included Starninger Shuriken.

The Starninger Shuriken is simple, and operates just like the other Shuriken in terms of having a detachable Shuriken Blade onto the Shuriken Core. The Shuriken itself has a button press sound with the blade detached, and an activation noise when the blade is attached. Unfortunately the fun stops here, as pressing the button again will start the transformation. As stated, the Ninja Starburger has no electronics of its own, and is simply a glorified button pusher. Pressing the red button on the Starburger will in turn hit the middle button of the Shuriken to start the transformation. Spin it to hear the transformation jingle. After pressing the button once to start the transformation, a second press of the red button will cancel it out. That’s it for the functions of the toy.

In the Ninja Ichibanto, the Starninger Shuriken plays a new sound set (the same heard in the StarSwordGun) freaturing “I’m a star!” and “Yeah!” sounds. It functions with both the transformation and attack functions of the Ichibanto decently. Other Shuriken can be used in the Starburger, but thanks to the lack of internal sounds, the feature is incredibly dull.

Unfortunately, while the motif is nothing short of amazing, the toy leaves a lot to be desired. The playability just isn’t there, with the Starburger itself being nothing but a shell to press buttons with, something you can do with your finger. The motif however is enough to sell it, but I would try to get the item on a discount of some sort, instead of paying the near ¥4,000 price tag for a Shuriken and a plastic burger.

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