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Review: Legacy Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie Figures

Legacy Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie Figures
Toys R Us Exclusive – $14.99 Each


The first series of Legacy Figures were meant with moderate success. They were great for completing a team, but never quite felt like a premium product the Legacy line was known for. Enter “The Movie” figures! Where the original Legacy Figures missed the mark, the Legacy Movie Figures sported all new molds, extra poseability not seen on the Action Hero mold in the past, and accurate to movie designs never before made in toy form (except for some small McDonald’s toys…). The first assortment included Ivan Ooze, the Red Ranger, the Black Ranger, and the Pink Ranger. The second assortment included the White Ranger, the Blue Ranger, and the Yellow Ranger. Unlike the price fluctuation with the previous Legacy Figures, the Movie Figures retailed for a steady $14.99 each, and of course, were Toys R Us Exclusive.

We’ll start with Ivan to get him out of the way. Ivan is a weird design to master in toy form, but they did a pretty decent job. Sure, he gets no articulation aside from his head and arms, but with his design, that’s all you really expect (though his feet can rotate!). His face sculpt is weird and definitely bothers me, but the toy itself is alright. Included with Ivan is an additional right hand that is holding his flute. However, the flute looks more like a magic wand, so whatever.

Moving along to the Rangers…these figures are beautiful. They’re no S.H.Figuart in quality, but they excel way past what the Action Hero mold usually delivers in the main line. Each figure is slimmed down to a more accurate proportion, and accurately depicts the armory look the suits had in the film. Each figure, even the girls and Tommy, have the same level of unhindered articulation in all the key places. Unheard of for this size class of figure, the feet are on a ball and socket joint at the ankle, allowing for a degree of ankle tilt in both the horizontal and vertical axis. Combined with the hands being able to rotate allows for a degree of articulation previously unheard of for Bandai America. Unfortunately the figures do NOT have a wrist swivel, so they’re not quite perfection, but still really great for a $14.99 Ranger figure. Even the White Ranger, normally hindered by the armor, has his shoulder pads connected to the arm for unhindered articulation.

The White Ranger includes Saba, which can plug into the side of his belt, even though Saba was never seen holstered in the movie. The remainder of the five main Rangers all include a holster and an appropriately colored Blade Blaster in holstered mode. The Blade Blasters were never actually used in the film, but were always holstered on the suits, so it’s great that they included them still. The Red Ranger and Yellow Ranger also include an alternate head that allows them to use the Power Scope and Power Beams as seen exclusively in the film! In a similar fashion, the Blue Ranger and Pink Ranger come with the Stega Stinger and Pteradactyl Thunder Whip weapons, two movie exclusive weapons used by those Rangers in the film. Unfortunately Black’s alternate helmet was cut from the film, and thus not included with his figure, meaning he includes nothing additional.

Overall, between the amazing mold quality, additional accessories that set them apart from previous figures, and just the fact that we’re FINALLY getting figures of the Movie Suits make these must owns for any MMPR fan, or any Power Rangers fan in general that enjoy these suits. I’ve wanted figures of these suits since I saw the movie when I was six, and it’s fantastic to finally have these twenty years later. Call it nostalgia, but you made little me incredibly happy.

[youtube http://youtu.be/1pKyONvKgeQ]

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