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Review: Legacy Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Figures

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Legacy Figures
Toys R Us Exclusive – $12.99 (Previously $19.99, then $14.99)


The Power Rangers Legacy line continues with even more Mighty Morphin merchandise. The first set of figures available is the core cast of Mighty Morphin, along with the first US creation for the series, Lord Zedd. The set was divided into two assortments. The first assortment contained Armored Red Ranger, Green Ranger, White Ranger, and Lord Zedd. The second assortment contained the Black Ranger, Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Pink Ranger. Each figure includes at least one accessory, with additional paint applications. It’s worth noting that these originally retailed for $19.99, but were dropped to the intended $14.99 a few weeks after release. By the time they hit my area, TRU had dropped the price to $12.99 a figure. At $12.99, these are certainly not bad, given the normal Super Megaforce figures retail for $9.99. The figures use the existing “Action Hero” mold used in the Super Megaforce figure line, so those familiar with those toys will know the key points of articulation found in the figures.

With that in mind, the Green Ranger and White Ranger figures are pretty much exactly the same as their Super Megaforce releases. For the White Ranger, the only differences are the fact that Saba is painted, and the gold used on the armor is a metallic gold. The Green Ranger however not only has a painted Dragon Dagger and a shiny gold shield, but the morpher is silver and there is a silver stripe on the helmet. This makes the Legacy release accurate to the Green Ranger’s design as seen in Dino Thunder’s Fighting Spirit episode. The Armored Red Ranger includes the Power Sword, Blade Blaster, and Dragon Dagger, all painted pretty well. Finally Lord Zedd is an all new mold. Whether or not it’s the better than the Super Legends figure is up for debate, but the figure fits in well with the other Legacy figures, as well as the Super Megaforce line of figures. If you haven’t picked up the Super Legends figure way back when, it’s a great figure. Even if you had, it’s probably the best of the four to pick up. If you own the Super Megaforce figures, none of the other three are really all that worth it unless you want an Armored Red figure really bad. The Green Ranger figure is a good pick up if you dig what Fighting Spirit did to the design, otherwise it’s a pass as well. Finally, the White Ranger is a pass no matter how you look at it, unless that painted Saba is something you have to have. The only physical difference is the gold on the armor. Not bad for the lower price.

Jumping over to the second assortment, there’s not a whole lot of surprises here. Fortunately all four of these are technically all new figures. Sure, the guys and the girls are using molds we’re more or less used too at this point, but given the other Mighty Morphin Rangers weren’t released in the main Super Megaforce line, it’s probably worth a gander at these. Each Ranger includes their signature weapon (Power Axe, Power Lance, Power Daggers, and Power Bow) as well as a nicely painted Blade Blaster. Each weapon actually looks pretty nice. Pink even includes an arrow for the Power Bow. The weapons, when combined with Red’s Power Sword, can combine to form the Power Cannon. Due to the soft nature of the weapons, it doesn’t line up all too well, but it actually looks pretty nice since the weapons are painted well. The figures themselves are all really great looking. While they’re not really anything new, it’s pretty cool to have the full team available in the Action Hero variety. It’s unfortunate that getting a collection of these guys was actually moderately difficult unless you ordered online. Most stores were getting cases of ONE Ranger (my area got Yellow). They popped in and out of stock a lot online, but it wasn’t too hard to get a set if you paid attention to the listings. It really makes me wonder why (given the usual Legacy item prices) Bandai didn’t opt to just making a box set with the full team available. Would have saved a lot of time for sure. While they’re certainly not necessary to get, for the lower $12.99 price I can’t help but recommend these to go along with your Action Heroes collection.

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