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Review: Imaginext Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Figure Packs – Wave 1

Imaginext Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Figure Packs – Wave 1
$7.99 Each – Purchased from Toys R Us


With Transformers having “Rescue Bots”, Marvel having “Marvel Super Heroes”, and TMNT having “Half-Shell Heroes”, I knew it wasn’t long before Power Rangers would jump into the pre-school centered line of toys. Instead of Bandai releasing their own brand of toys, the license went to Fisher-Price, and Power Rangers joined their Imaginext line. The Imaginext line, like most toys of this type, feature a wide-array of different products: figure packs, a figure and a vehicle, larger vehicles, to absolutely huge playscapes. Of course, Power Rangers plans on hitting all those price points. First up is a look at the figure packs for the Power Rangers line. Each pack includes multiple figures and accessories, and is priced at $7.99 per pack. The first assortment includes the Red Ranger and Yellow Ranger, the Black Ranger and Blue Ranger, the Pink Ranger and Green Ranger, and finally a pack of three Putty Patrol!

The figures themselves are very basic, and built in a similar style to all those toys mentioned above. Articulation is pretty simple. The legs move on a connected system, meaning they move together, so sitting is about all they can do. Arms are on a swivel system to allow a decent degree of posing when combined with the swivel at the base of the glove. Finally, of course, the head can rotate fully. Design wise they take the base of Mighty Morphin and take a bit of a cartoon-esque spin. To top it off, you can see bits of armor plating molded into the suit of the figure, reminiscent of “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie” designs. In essence, these figures take the original designs, the movie designs, add a pinch of comic flair, and blend it all together. Even the Putties are both accurate and adorable.

Each Ranger includes their Power Weapon. Ignoring the Dragon Dagger obviously, they can all combine to form the Power Blaster! While all the weapons are the same heigth give or take (making the Power Daggers weirdly gigantic) the Power Blaster looks really great, and fits solidly together, more than I can say about the Bandai America Legacy representation of the weapon. The weapons are all cast in their appropriate color plastic, and are painted relatively well for a line aimed at preschool children.

There are definitely a few hiccups of course, with the Green Ranger not having his armor, and including the “dreaded” silver stripe from Dino Thunder. While I couldn’t care less about the Silver Stripe, I really hope we actually get a Green Ranger with the shield. He looks bare without it. Additionally, I’m not super fond of the Pink Ranger’s helmet. The lack of detail on the helmets isn’t a big deal on the other Rangers, but when you have a Ranger that had a great deal of white on her helmet, the look without is really weird. That pack in general is kind of a mess.

It’s worth noting that if you plan on buying the Zords, there is really no major reason to pick up the Red/Yellow and Black/Blue packs unless forming the Power Blaster is important to you. Either way, these are really fun toys, especially for the kids. If you’re a fan of Mighty Morphin and want to pass that along to your kids, or if your kids themselves love Mighty Morphin, this is definitely worth taking a look at. As a fan of these style of toys, the Imaginext line does not disappoint.


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