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Review: 66Action Dragon Ball Kai Series 01 (Figures 01-04)

66Action Dragon Ball Kai Series 1 (Figures 01-04)
Candy Toy – December, 2014 – Around ¥500 Each


To promote the Buu Saga hitting Dragon Ball Kai, Bandai has introduced the popular Dragon Ball characters into the 66Action line! As the name suggests, each figure stands 66mm tall, and features several points of articulation, so even these small figures can get into battle ready poses. The first set of these Candy Toy releases includes Super Saiyan figures of Son Goku, Son Gohan, Vegeta, and Trunks. The set was released in December, 2014 and each figure retails for around ¥500 yen or so. Unfortunately, unless Bandai revives the line for Dragon Ball Super, the Dragon Ball 66Action line appears to be finished.

This set does feature an all new stand. Where as past Kamen Rider series features a small plank with foot slots in it, the Dragon Ball line includes that as well as a post that can be plugged into the plank. These stands are pretty nice, as they give you the option to have flying poses with the stand, or standing straight with the plank piece. While not really versatile, it’s definitely functional.

While the Kamen Rider line’s biggest praise comes from the variety found in each set, the Dragon Ball line can only be described as the complete opposite. Goku and Gohan are both dressed in Goku’s clothes. My memory of the series is hazy, but I’m pretty certain Gohan was never Super Saiyan in his father’s clothes, just the blue gi. While it could have happened in a movie, it still seems weird to include a figure like this. Both Vegeta and Trunks are wearing Saiyan Armor. An incredibly memorable fight scene with Cell happened in those clothes, so while that is perfectly fine, seeing Trunks in his more iconic jacket would have been a neater figure to have. With only four figures in the set, only having two designs to display is a real let down.
To make things worse, Goku and Gohan both share the same face sculpt. The only difference is the hair! Vegeta and Trunks share a face as well. All four figures could actually have the same face, but I can’t really confirm that because my judgement is pretty awful. Finally, all four figures include the same identical four hands, just cast in skin-tone or white depending on the body. It’s bad enough the set only has two different bodies, but with the same face and same hands, their is almost no individuality whatsoever.
Overall, while the quality of figure is pretty darn great, and the toys themselves look nice, it’s hard to recommend these. At the very least, Goku and Vegeta are worthy of the pick up. Gohan and Trunks just seem like an easy way out to fill the line with no real effort needed. Thankfully the set wasn’t that popular and release, and shouldn’t go for too much if you can’t still find them at retail.

[youtube http://youtu.be/vu6EUqhscQU]

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