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Review: Dino Spike Battle Sword (Power Rangers Dino Charge)

Dino Spike Battle Sword
$29.99 from Toys R Us


Every season has a big weapon of sorts, generally sold at the $29.99 price point. Samurai had the Mega Blade, Super Samurai had the Bullzooka, Megaforce had the Ultra Dragon Sword, and Super Megaforce had the Super Mega Cannon. Dino Charge brings us the Dino Spike Battle Sword, our version of the Kentrospiker from Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger. Unlike the Japanese toy, which was sold in two individual sets that could separate into all five weapons and combine into the sword, the Dino Charge toy converts it into one solid sword with an all new feature not seen in the show, but totally fitting the theme of Dino Charge.

In Dino Spike mode the toy looks much like it does on the show, with an addition of a small handle on top of the T-Rex portion of the weapon. It’s a bit smaller than the Japanese toy (since the Japanese toy had the luxury of being two separate toys), but it’s still a pretty hefty size, being much wider than any of the previous sword toys released at this price point. With the power on, the toy makes one slashing sound in this mode, complete with a yellow LED in the mouth of the T-Rex. He must not have a good dentist.

The main feature of this toy isn’t the sound, but a new feature called Dino Chomp. On the reverse side of the weapon, you have a bunch of yellow with a singular eye. Pulling back on the top handle will cause the Dino Spike to split in half and swing forward, creating a chomp noise and making the two segments form a complete yellow dinosaur head. Pulling forward on the lever will cause the toy to split back and lock back into the Dino Spike formation. Doing this five times will make a T-Rex growl emit from the toy.

Words can not describe how much fun I think this is. Yes, it’s not in the show, but pull back the “NOT IN SHOW DO NOT CARE” mentality for a minute and look at it subjectively from a toy standpoint. Does it still look how it does in the show? For the most part, yes! Does it have a cool new feature that makes it more enjoyable and playable for kids? YES! The added gimmick does nothing to hinder the toy directly (as the chances of them doing individual weapons were slim given the sales of the Megaforce weapon sets), and adds a level of play to the toy that I myself find incredibly fun. My dogs “love” it.

Included is a Kentrosaurus Dino Charge, known as the Dino Spike Charger. It in itself is very similar to the one found in the Power Pack (big dinosaur, white number), but lacks the foil pattern found in the Power Pack. It seems like all of our toy releases will lack the foil found in the Power Packs, giving them a bit of exclusivity, which is always fun for that collector’s mentality. Of course, it can be used in the Dino Charge Morpher to unlock the Kentrosaurus sound.

Overall, the Dino Spike Battle Sword is a great toy. It could use some detail to make the Dino Spike mode a little more accurate, but at the end of the day, I’m having more fun with this than I ever would have had with individual weapons, and the added Dino Chomp gimmick is just super fun to play with. It’s no Mega Blade, but it’s easily the next best release we’ve had at this price point.

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