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Review: Cyber Card Collection File (Ultraman X)

Cyber Card Collection File
July, 2015 – ¥1,500


When cards are the collectible gimmick, it’s natural to need a binder to store them in, even if the cards this time around are plastic and durable. Bandai has released the Cyber Card Collection File, a fancy name for a small, 4-pocket binder that can house your Cyber Cards. The binder includes the binder itself, 10 four-slot pages, and an XiO ID Card. The binder itself retailed for around ¥1,500 and was released at the start of the show in July, 2015.

With a total of 10 pages packed inside, the binder can hold a total of 40 Cyber Cards. If you decide to double up front and back, it can house 80 Cyber Cards, which should be enough for what the toy line plans to pump out, barring any huge Candy Toy sets or a slew of promotional cards.

The XiO ID Card acts like any other Cyber Card, but just plays a phrase from X and a phrase from the XDevizer AI. While not thrilling whatsoever, the ID Card itself is a nice little bonus for picking up the binder, and could be helpful for cosplay purposes or those looking to make customized ID cards.

Overall, the Cyber Card Collection File is a most definitely recommended pick up, but not one that is necessary. If you have your own binder at home, Cyber Cards fit just fine in most standard collectible card pages. If you want something with some Ultraman X branding, that should be more than enough to hold the Cyber Cards you plan on amassing during the toy line. It does what it needs too.


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