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Review: Kakuranger NinShuriken and Hurricaneger NinShuriken (Shuriken Sentai Ninninger)

Kakuranger NinShuriken and Hurricaneger NinShuriken
July, 2015 – ¥1,500 Each

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Early on in the show, Sasuke, Ninja Red and Yousuke, Hurricane Red, on request from the Last Ninja, arrive to train the Ninningers and raise their Nintality. Once they passed the test, they were granted the Kakuranger NinShuriken and Hurricaneger NinShuriken, which let them perform iconic techniques from the respective series. It took quite a few months, but those two NinShuriken are finally available in toy form via the NinShuriken Series of toys, both labeled EX. Each Shuriken was released in late July, 2015 for around ¥1500 each, give or take depending on where you picked it up from.

Both NinShuriken are essentially the same. Both feature the same four pronged red blade with the same base design and the same number of sounds. Each Shuriken Core includes the flip down helmet of Ninja Red or Hurricane Red, as well as their body image, series icon, and an associated kanji, just like most other NinShuriken. Attaching the blade will announce the name of the Shuriken, as normal. The first button press activates a chiptune. 20-30 second rendition of that show’s theme song. This is something I absolutely love about these toys. If memory serves, it’s been a while since a Sentai toy chanted a theme song, so it’s really great to see something like that back. The second button press has Takaharu stating the technique name “Shuriken Ninpou! Kakure no Jutsu!” and “Shuriken Ninpou! Hurricane no Jutsu!” respectively. Finally the last button press has “Kakuranger!” and “Hurricaneger!” being announced, which could easily be “Kakure Ja!” and “Hurricane Ja!” like most NinShuriken, so the latter seems more likely.

The toys work in the Ninja Ichibanto, with each spin cycling through the Takaharu quote and the announcement sound. Pressing the trigger on the toy will cycle through the theme, Takaharu quote, and announcement sound in order as normal. The actual order of play on these is very vague, so just do whatever sounds best for you. Functionality in the Ninja Star Burger would be identical. Both feature clips to plug into DX Shurikenjin or DX Bison King, or even DX Lion Ha-Oh to form new “helmets” for the mecha.

Overall, the two NinShuriken are a blast, and I sort of hope others will get made at some point, if only to hear a slew of chiptune theme songs at the press of a button. The look of the Shurikens are great, the sounds are neat, and I just like the concept in general. The fact that these are show used constantly makes them must haves, even if you aren’t generally a fan of the “Legend Sentai” gimmicks. I dig these quite a bit.


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