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Unboxing: Pokémon TCG – Tyrantrum EX Box

Tyrantrum EX Box
$19.99 – Purchased at Walmart


Hot off the tails of the Shiny Rayquaza EX Box, Ancient Origins also brings us the Tyrantrum EX Box. Back to the normal lineup, the Tyrantrum EX Box includes Tyrantrum EX (XY70), a jumbo version of Tyrantrum EX, and four Booster Packs. The Tyrantrum EX Box delivers one pack of Primal Clash, one pack of Roaring Skies, and two packs of Ancient Origins. The Tyrantrum EX itself is…weird. Its ability lets it attack no matter what effects are on the defending Pokémon. This means that it could bypass other abilities like Pyroar, as well as effects of attacks that would otherwise prevent damage done or things like that. The problem at hand is that, despite hitting for a strong 190 damage, it takes [F][M][M][C] to attack. Unless you ran a super steady Metal acceleration deck, good luck keeping this one powered up after having to discard three Energy Cards after you attack. Art is cool, and the premise is cool. I’d love to see if a steady league deck could be built around this guy. As always, the value of this depends on whether you collect the XY Promo Cards, and what you pull in your packs.

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