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Review: Red Ranger & Blue Ranger Morphin Figures (Power Rangers Dino Charge)

Red Ranger & Blue Ranger Morphin Figures
$5.50 from Family Dollar
Available at Discount Chains and Drug Stores

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The Morphin Racers were a series of toys that started in Super Samurai that featured small cars that could transform into various weapon modes. This line evolved into the Morphin Vehicles for Power Rangers Megaforce that featured a car decorated like one of the Zords in the series that transformed into that Ranger. The line was seemingly scrapped, but has morphed once again into a series called Morphin Figures. Unlike the previous releases, these figures were cheapened in quality substantially, and are being sold primarily at dollar stores and drug store chains in the US. These figures also change from Ranger to Car, but do so with the most limited amount of moving pieces. I picked both up at my local Family Dollar for $5.50 each, and even that was too much.

Both toys are the same mold with a new head and a new dinosaur piece. Each has front fenders that become feet, a small arm hooked to the hip, a swinging dinosaur piece on the right, and an unarticulated head. Transformation is simple. Just squeeze the legs together, swing the dinosaur segment around and peg it into the body. Flip the Ranger head back and the arm up and you’re done. Each car mode rolls and does nothing substantially cool.

Where as the previous Morphin Racers had ingenuity, and the Morphin Vehicles were really nice simplistic Transformer like toys, these ones fall flat, and genuinely feel like knock-off toys. The plastic is cheaper than normal, the body is done up in stickers, and the joints are either oddly tight or oddly loose. While I would kill for Morphin Vehicles for Dino Charge, these just don’t cut it, and it’s clear that these were meant for cheaper discount chains, and not for mass retail. Even at $5.50, these aren’t really worth it, and are nothing more than simple desk toys, and not something that can really be appreciated.

[youtube https://youtu.be/CIRu7KArmRI]

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