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Unboxing: Pokémon TCG – XY: Ancient Origins Elite Trainer Box

XY: Ancient Origins – Elite Trainer Box
$39.99 from Target


With every new set, we get a new Elite Trainer Box. Each Elite Trainer Box costs $39.99 at most major retailers, and is a nice, collectible box that contains not only booster packs, but a number of worthwhile necessities for any Pokémon TCG player or collector. Each box includes eight booster packs of that set, 45 basic energy cards, a pack of 65 set themed deck sleeves, four set themed card dividers for organizing cards, six set themed damage counter dice, one set themed flipping die, a PTCGO code card to use the sleeves in game, and a somewhat informative “Player’s Guide”, and of course the durable cardboard box.

As always, I can’t help but recommend these things to any callibur of Pokémon fan. For experienced players, you have eight chances of pulling some good playable cards. You also get sleeves to use, dice to use, a box to store cards, etc. For new players, you get to open eight packs of the newest set, some basic energy cards to start building decks, a place to store cards, sleeves to house your next deck, dice to use. The value is there no matter how far you are into this game.

[youtube https://youtu.be/QPDttKNtiSM]

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