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Review: Nendoroid – Cynthia (Pokémon)

Nendoroid – Cynthia
$49.99 from
August, 2015 Domestic Release

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In my previous review for Nendoroid Red, I mentioned that Nintendo’s been going all out in promoting their IPs in all sorts of figure lines. Pokémon Center stores all over Japan were treated to yet another exclusive Nendoroid in the form of Cynthia, the champion of the Sinnoh Region! For those that haven’t seen Nendoroid before, they are a series of figures brought to you by the makers of Figma, Good Smile Company, and deliver your favorite characters from games, films, tv, and more in the cutest style possible. The line is very similar to the Chibi-Arts line from Bandai’s Tamashii Nations, except this one is actually successful. Included with the Sinnoh champ is one additional face and a number of additional arms, hands, and even a leg for multiple different posing options. Of course, Cynthia wouldn’t be Cynthia without her iconic Pokémon partner, so a poseable Garchomp figure is included as well! She was released around August, 2015 domestically at the US website for $49.99.

Like Red, Cynthia’s sculpt captures her image perfectly, and really invokes the art style of XY’s graphical engine, though I’m sure that’s unintentional on their part. Cynthia includes all the points of articulation the line is known for, including a ball swivel in the neck and hips, with peg and socket rotations in the arms and wrists. Thanks to her hair, posing is pretty difficult, but you can still work around things to get some decent displays. Included with the toy are a number of different hands and arms that enable her to rest her hand at her hip (like her static Sugimori art), hold a Poké Ball, or point commands to her Garchomp. The additional face included has her eyes closed, to give the figure even more sass than it already had. The posing options are pretty great.

Included with the figure is a poseable Garchomp, her signature Pokémon. Garchomp himself, unlike the small Pokémon included with Red, actually features several points of articulation including a ball swivel joint in his neck, rotations at his shoulders, biceps, hips, and tail tip. Unfortunately the arms have pretty big tendencies to fall out. Thankfully the sculpt itself is really well done, and looks fantastic next to Cynthia.

Overall, Cynthia is another hit from the Nendoroid Pokémon series. Red, Cynthia, and the upcoming N have all been sought after releases. I really hope the line continues into more player characters or even Gym Leaders. For fans of the character, or of Pokémon in general. With this one still being in stock at the time of this review, she’ll be a lot easier on the wallet than Red.

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