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Review and Demo: Ghost Gadget Series 01 Condor Denwor (Kamen Rider Ghost)

Ghost Gadget Series 01 Condor Denwor
October, 2015 – ¥3,000

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Kamen Rider Ghost brings the return of gadgets. In the past we’ve had disks, cans, model kits, and food, but Ghost’s line brings the return of animal themed gadgets similar to those seen in Kamen Rider W. This line is cleverly titled the Ghost Gadget Series, and the first entry into the line is the Condor Denwor, a clever romanization for Condor Denwa, or Condor Phone. As the name suggests, this gadget is a condor that can transform into a phone. The toy can transform from one mode to the other, but can also transform into a third mode that can attach to the Gan Gun Saber to transform it into the Arrow Mode, unleashing the Omega Strike attack. The Condor Denwor was released in October, 2015 for ¥3,000.

There’s something I really enjoy about this toy. I’ve always had a love for the little gadget toys, ever since I got heavy into Kamen Rider when W started. These toys in general bring a lot of what the Memory Gadget Series had, by being able to change into a gadget or an animal. However these have the added benefit of being able to combine with the Gan Gun Saber and the Gan Gun Hand (in some cases) to form new forms for those weapons. It’s a little bit of a shame there are no sounds (at least in this release) but regardless, the toy itself is fun.

Transformation for the different modes is pretty simple to do, making these great, quick, fun toys to play with when you’re bored. I really like the classic phone motif for this release, after the sea of cell phone looking toys we’ve had over the years. The ability to combine with the weapons is gold, and the Arrow Mode for the Gan Gun Saber is probably my favorite form of the weapon we’ve seen so far. It’s definitely a creative feature for the toy line.

Overall, the price is a little much for what you get, but the Ghost Gadget Series is off to a strong start. I knew it was going to be my favorite point in the line, and so far, it is. At the discounts stores like AmiAmi or HLJ provide, these are pretty great pick ups, and even better if you own the Gan Gun Saber. Super fun.


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