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Review: Dino Charger Power Packs Series 1 Wave 5 (Power Rangers Dino Charge)

Dino Charger Power Packs Series 1 Wave 5
$7.99-$9.99 at Most Major Retailers

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Back when I reviewed the first wave of Series 2 Chargers, I mentioned that the Series 1 Pteranodon was stuck in that case assortment, with the Series 1 releases of Pachy and Archelon were nowhere to be found. Thankfully they were eventually spotted at retailers a month or so later. This new case assortment features (by guesswork, nothing official) some Series 2 releases of the main five dinosaurs, as well as the Series 1 releases of Pteranodon, Pachy, and Archelon. My area kind of sucks, so huge thanks to Kevin (Jedimon2005) and Deven for picking these up for me. These three form a set in that they all feature the normal and Fossil versions of each of their Dino Chargers between the three of them. Pteranodon includes the normal Ptera Charger and Fossil Pachy Charger. Pachy features the normal Pachy Charger and the Fossil Archelon (Dino Gravity) Charger. Finally Archelon comes with the normal Archelon Charger and the Fossil Ptera Charger. These last three releases complete all of the Series 1 Dino Chargers set to release during Dino Charge, with the missing four (hopefully) being distributed sometime during Dino Super Charge. Each set retails between $7.99 and $9.99 depending on where you end up finding them. They’ve been spotted at Walmart, Target, and TRU at the time of this recording.

As much as I like the Dino Chargers, I buy these for the little dinosaur figures included. Thanks to the Ultimate Power Packs and the Series 2 releases, the figures for the Ptera Zord and Pachy Zord aren’t really anything new. Even so, having their proper colors and opaque nature is nice. Archelon is the real star for me. Not only do I really like turtles in general, it’s a neat design that is totally unique. While a lot of the dinosaurs share the same raptor or quadrupedal shape, like Ammonite, the Archelon is 100% original and unique, and I really like that. It makes for some crazy results when you try to mix and match.

The Dino Chargers are what you have come to expect, and are nothing really special or noteworthy. The Ptera Chargers initiate the transformation into the Gold Ranger, the Pachy Chargers initiate the transformation into the Graphite Ranger, while the Archelon, or Dino Gravity, Chargers initiate the Dino Gravity attack. With these three releases, the normal and Fossil Chargers are nearing completion.

Overall, as with most sets, get these if you really like the dinosaur or need the Chargers for a collection. All three are great releases and I’m really happy to finally have Archelon. Can’t wait to get to Dino Super Charge and finish off Series 1. BRING ON THE DINOSAUR ARMY BANDAI. BRING IT ON.

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