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Review and Demo: DX Gan Gun Hand (Kamen Rider Ghost)

DX Gan Gun Hand
November, 2015 – ¥4,500

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Kamen Rider Specter, our usual “evil but not really evil” secondary Rider has appeared, and with him, a number of new Ghost Eyecons and gear for him to use. First up is the DX Gan Gun Hand, a shotgun themed combo weapon. The toy, with a pump of the…gun parts, can switch between Rod Mode and Gun Mode. Of course, like the Gan Gun Saber, the Gan Gun Hand has the ability to combine with the Ghost Gadget Series, though currently the toy only has one singular combination with the Cobra Keitai Ghost Gadget, and isn’t compatible with the Condor Denwor. Included is the Specter Ghost Eyecon that lets the user transform into Kamen Rider Specter. The set was released in early November, 2015 for ¥4,500 depending on where you picked it up.

The Gan Gun Hand itself is…neat? I like the design motif. One thing I dug about the Gaburi Cannon from Kyoryuger was the fact that it had a shotgun like pump to it, which was really cool. This is the same, and I like that the pump makes the toy switch modes. I love how the Rod Mode is basically just a slap stick, and the Gun Mode carries that silly “gun hand” look that people always do. Unfortunately, while I like the overall design, the toy itself is pretty lackluster, with only a few basic sounds for each mode and an overall simplistic level of play. I really hate how the toy is (currently) only compatible with the Cobra Keitai, as attaching the Condor Denwor as a pump-action crossbow would be the greatest. While I like the toy itself, the play is just super limited compared to something versatile like the Gan Gun Saber.

The Specter Ghost Eyecon is of DX quality with the shiny stickers, so if you’re a nut about the quality of your stickers, this is a must get for that alone. The Eyecon is really nice, being cast in the same black color as Ore, matching Ghost perfectly. The helmet design inside is cool, and the sticker on top looks nice as well. I like the fact that the toy is programed to know what Eyecons belong to Specter, as this one changes the beat to “Batchirimiro” instead of “Batchirimina”. Unfortunately this ends up causing some issues when someone wants to pretend they’re Specter transforming with Musashi, so a simple switch on the toy would have worked more efficiently, but it’s the thought that counts. I like his jingle a lot.

Overall, the Gan Gun Hand is a pretty simple pass for people that don’t particularly care about the quality of the stickers on their Specter Ghost Eyecon. I like the concept and design quite a bit, but the lackluster playability of the toy just doesn’t make it worth the price. The Gan Gun Saber still reigns supreme.


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