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Review and Demo: DX Tutankhamun Ghost Eyecon (Kamen Rider Ghost)

DX Tutankhamun Ghost Eyecon
November, 2015 – ¥600

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Our next Ghost Eyecon is one obtained by Kamen Rider Specter sometime offscreen in the series, the DX Tutankhamun Ghost Eyecon containing the soul of the Egyptian ruler King Tutankhamun. As with all Ghost Eyecons, the toy has compatibility with the DX Ghost Driver to transform into Tutankahmun Damashii. The toy activates the “Batchirimiro!” stand by sound to signify it belongs to Kamen Rider Specter. Insert it into the Ghost Driver to transform, initiate the Omega Driver, and activate the Omedama as well. Also included is a Ganbarizing card featuring Specter on one side and Tutankhamun Damashii on the other. The toy was released in November, 2015 for ¥600 on average.

As with all of these things, if you like the gimmick, there’s no reason to not go for the DX release, as it’s nearly the same price as a Gashapon or Candy Toy release of the Ghost Eyecon, plus you get a Ganbarizing card too. That being said, the line has become a bit of a bore, with the Ghost Eyecons being super repetitive, and just not fun on their own. If you like the line, it’s a great addition. If not, there’s nothing here that will change your mind.


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