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Review and Demo: Ghost Gadget Series 02 – Cobra Keitai (Kamen Rider Ghost)

Ghost Gadget Series 02 – Cobra Keitai
November, 2015 – ¥2,800

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Our second venture into the Ghost Gadget Series is Kamen Rider Specter’s personal cell phone, the Cobra Keitai. As the name suggests, the Cobra Keitai is a flip phone shaped device that has the capability of transforming into a robotic cobra. The toy can also combine with the Gan Gun Hand to transform it into the Kama Mode, or with the Gan Gun Saber to transform it into an as of yet unnamed mode that I like to call “Scythe Mode”. The Cobra Keitai was released in November, 2015 for ¥2,800.

I liked a lot about the Condor Denwor, but unfortunately I can’t quite say the same for the Cobra Keitai. The outside shell of the phone is incredibly boring, troubled with lack of paint apps and the large plastic connecting portion. The inside of the phone actually looks pretty neat to an extent. Playability is rather limited though considering the toy is more or less one chunk, and there’s no actual sounds, lights, pressable buttons, or anything of the like. The Animal Mode looks okay, but thanks to the toy being small, it isn’t very menacing of a cobra, and definitely has some troubles standing.

The Kama Mode for the Gan Gun Hand and whatever you want to call the Gan Gun Saber formation are alright. By putting the Gan Gun Saber into Naginata Mode first, you get a decent length on the weapon that makes a pretty cool scythe weapon. The Cobra Keitai on the Gan Gun Hand will initiate the Omega Fang attack, while it will make the Gan Gun Saber use the Omega Crash attack. It’s weird that there is a sound and attack for the Gan Gun Saber while the feature isn’t advertised at all. I get the feeling it will be used in the future, but I just find it odd it isn’t mentioned at all.

Overall, the Cobra Keitai is just okay. The Condor Denwor is far more original and playable to me. Fortunately the Cobra Keitai, unlike the other gadgets, is compatible with BOTH weapons, meaning despite the lack of detail or a neat design, it makes up for in playability providing you have those other toys.


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