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Review: Power Rangers Dino Charge Villain Figures Wave 2 (Action Heroes Wave 7)

Power Rangers Dino Charge Villain Figures Wave 2 (Action Heroes Wave 7)
$7.99-$9.99 (price varies by store)
Thanks to Deven for picking these up!

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As promised, Dino Charge delivered five more villain figures to round out the figure line up for the first season of the show. The last line-up includes Spellbinder, Slammer, Sting Rage, a Vivizord, and the main bad himself, Sledge. As usual with these figures, they range from $7.99 to $9.99 depending on where you found them, with this wave initially being spotted at Walmart and Toys R Us stores. Huge thanks to my buddy Deven for finding these, since I’ve yet to find this wave at any local store, and with Super Charge hitting shelves, I doubt I will. Each figure includes varied levels of articulation and may or may not include an accessory. In essence, some are great, and some aren’t.

Spellbinder is on the “meh” side of the scale, including no accessories and medium articulation. His legs include the standard points, but his arms not having any levels of horizontal movement or rotation means you’re stuck with something out of the 90’s. The sculpt is nice, but he’s just lacking. Slammer earns the award for the worst figure in the series. His shoulders don’t exist, so he’s stick in some weird robotic position. He has working legs and knees, but that’s not enough to save him. Again, sculpt is nice, but articulation is unforgiveable. Sting Rage, like Ice Age before him, is actually really good. Outside of some arm swivels, he has all the main points of articulation you would expect in the line, as well as a trident. A lot of detail is lost in the lack of paint, but the sculpt is really good on this one. The Vivizord is what you would expect. He could use some shoulder articulation to get those arms moving a little bit better, but the lack of articulation is made up for the fact that Bandai has already done a wash on the figure, with ink highlighting all of the sculpted in designs on the skin of the beast. It looks great. Finally we have Sledge, the winner of this wave and probably my favorite villain in general between these two waves of figures. His articulation is exactly what you would expect, even with his bulky shoulder pads that are engineered to move out of the way. The scrapes and cracks on his armor are all present (albeit not painted) and the scale design on his shown skin is great. A black wash would do this guy wonders, and I might actually end up doing that. Between the sculpted details and the articulation, Sledge is a top notch figure that belongs in any Dino Charge figure collection.

So as you can see, these have quite the range of coverage. While the monsters of the day vary, Sledge is a surefire winner for a must have from this wave. If you own the Megazord figures, the Vivizord is an excellent pick up as well, despite the articulation issues. At the very least, Fury, Curio, Wrench, and Sledge make a nice team on display.

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