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Review and Demo: DX Billy The Kid Ghost Eyecon (Kamen Rider Ghost)

DX Billy The Kid Ghost Eyecon / DX ビリー・ザ・キッドゴーストアイコン
November, 2015 – ¥600

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Here we, back again with yet another Ghost Eyecon. This time we have the DX Billy The Kid Ghost Eyecon! This Eyecon contains the soul of, you guessed it, Billy The Kid! Billy The Kid is a famous western outlaw that supposedly killed 21 people in a gunfight, even though apparently that’s a load of bull? Regardless, he deemed special enough by Toei over people like Jessie James or Wild Bill to be included as a western themed form for Kamen Rider Ghost. The Ghost Eyecon, like all Ghost Eyecons, can be clicked through four different panels, or inserted into the Ghost Driver to hear the associated transformation jingle and Omega Drive for the form. His Ghost Eyecon was released in early November, 2015 for ¥600. It also comes with a Ganbarizing card, which is honestly just as cool at this point.

The concept of Ghost Eyecons isn’t really anything new. Like all others, it cycles through the base lens, the number circle, the transformation panel, and the final attack panel by clicking the side button. Pop it into the Ghost Driver to hear an admittedly catchy transformation jingle. Pull it again to hear the generic Omega Drive, and four more times for the generic Omedama attack. The helmet design is nice, I will give it that. As generic as these toys are becoming to me, the helmet designs (and the forms in general!) are always really nice to see. You can also stack them into a pyramid that actually looks rather pretty.

It’s a Ghost Eyecon. If you like this form or the way it looks/sounds, then pick this up for your Ghost Driver! If you’re bored with this toy line too, then leave this one on the proverbial shelf. Yep.




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