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Review and Demo: Ghost Gadget Series 03 – Bat Clock (Kamen Rider Ghost)

Ghost Gadget Series 03 – Bat Clock
November, 2015 – ¥3,500

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The Ghost Gadget Series thus far has been pretty basic, but the playability with the already awesome Gan Gun Saber toy has pushed this line to the forefront of the Ghost toy line for me. The third in the series is the Bat Clock. As the name suggests, the Bat Clock is an old fashioned clock that can transform into a brown bat. The best part however, is the fact that this guy has a third mode: a second gun for Billy the Kid Damashii! Another thing that sets this apart from previous releases is the inclusion of its own dedicated sounds. With the addition of being able to combine with the Gan Gun Saber to create the Rifle Mode, this makes the Bat Clock the most versatile Ghost Gadget yet. It was released in November, 2015 for ¥3,500.

The gadget mode is simple, doing nothing of importance besides being able to rotate the hands of the clock around. In this mode, press the back trigger to hear a clock sound as well as the sound of bat screeches mixed together. To transform into animal mode, simply flip the face of clock apart and open to reveal bat wings and a bat on the clock’s body underneath. The trigger plays the same sound in this mode.

In gadget mode, simply slide the entire body of the clock forward to transform the toy into gun mode. Now pressing the trigger will make a firing noise, complete with some batty sound effects. While it doesn’t add a whole lot to the toy, having that additional mode is really fun, especially with it being a gun.

Attaching the gun mode to the Gan Gun Saber Gun Mode will result in the Gan Gun Saber Rifle Mode. The combination allows for two chambers to pop forward from the Bat Clock for an added effect on the toy. The Gan Gun Saber will now play a new, bat themed shooting sound, while the Bat Clock will play an additional firing sound. The two toys can be shot simultaneously for a rapid fire effect. When activated via the Ghost Driver, it initiates the Omega Impact attack.

Overall, the Bat Clock is the best of the line so far, and will more than likely be the winner of the entire line, barring any releases after the Kumo Lantern. Between the two normal modes, the additional weapon mode, and the functionality with the Gan Gun Saber, the toy is a real winner. It’s unfortunate the other gadgets couldn’t have weapon modes too.


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