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Review and Demo: T-Rex Super Charge Morpher (Power Rangers Dino Super Charge)

T-Rex Super Charge Morpher
$29.99 at Most Major Retailers

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To transform into the T-Rex Super Charge Red Ranger, Tyler uses the T-Rex Super Charge Morpher along with the T-Rex Super Charger! In this form, he can use the abilities of other Dino Chargers to equip new weapons on his arms. Enough about him however, let’s take a look at the Morpher itself. The T-Rex Super Charge Morpher is the flagship Morpher item for Dino Super Charge and comes packed with the T-Rex Super Charger, and a fossil version of the Stego Charger. It can transform between dinosaur mode and gun mode, with gun mode having the ability to read the entire line of currently released Dino Chargers. It retails for the standard Morpher price of $29.99 at most major retailers.

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This is Bandai America’s rendition of the Gabutyra de Carnival toy from Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, which was ultimately my favorite toy in the entire line. Despite that, this watered down version still has its charms. A few things right off the bat is the inability to move his arms, as well as the inability to hide the tail. Neither of these bother me all that much, as the grip tail kind of makes it look like he has to poop, and I can relate to that. The arms always added an additional transformation step that I never really liked. The only issue I really have with the toy aesthetically is the eyes. In Japan, the red spiky effect on the eyes was part of the yellow eye of the gun mode. The dinosaur mode had a big green eye and was adorable. The US toy tends to look rather angry, but after owning him for nearly two months, it sort of set in and it doesn’t really bother me any more. These are all complaints I totally understand should people take issue with them.

The toy can read every Charger currently released, and has unique sounds for all 24 different Dino Chargers, something the Dino Charge Morpher itself lacked. I find this to be great, and really adds to playability of the toy. The method of getting the Charger in and out of the mouth is a bit absurd, having to hold down a button on his nose (which actually requires a bit of force to raise the little latch inside the mouth), then dig it out with your fingers takes a bit of talent that I acquired after inserting over 29 Chargers in this over the course of 15 minutes. I wish the head was just a bit bigger to accommodate the Charger better.

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Overall, the T-Rex Super Charge Morpher is a great little toy that (in my opinion), is a step up from the Dino Charge Morpher. With unique attack sounds for all 24 Dino Chargers, while retaining the bonuses like “Comic Con!” and “Legendary!”, there’s a lot to like about this. Plus, being able to transform the toy is really fun, and his dinosaur mode makes a cute little addition to my rotating desk display. With Morphers going on sale frequently, this one is well worth the pick up if you have an expansive Charger collection.

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