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Review and Demo: Ghost Gadget Series 04 – Kumo Lantern (Kamen Rider Ghost)

Ghost Gadget Series 04 – Kumo Lantern
December, 2015 – ¥2,800

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Our forth, and potentially final Ghost Gadget Series release is the Kumo Lantern, a lantern that can transform into a little spider. In the series, the Kumo Lantern can shine a light that will make Kamen Rider Ghost and the Ganma he is fighting visible to living people. Unfortunately the toy isn’t as functional as the device as the show. The toy can transform from Gadget Mode (a lantern) to Animal Mode (a lantern). The toy can attach to the Gan Gun Saber to form the Gan Gun Saber Hammer Mode, capable of the Omega Bomber attack. As an added, unadvertised bonus, the Kumo Lantern can attach to the Gan Gun Hand, though the Hand doesn’t recognize what is attached and plays the Cobra Keitai sounds. It was released in December, 2015 for around ¥2,800.

When you release something like the Bat Clock, capable of independent sounds and a weapon mode, releasing the Kumo Lantern after it creates disappointment. In lantern mode, there isn’t any playability in the toy, and animal mode doesn’t have much to offer either. The combination with the Gan Gun Saber is unfortunately the weakest looking in my opinion. It’s cool that it can attach to the Gan Gun Hand too, but since that toy can’t recognize what is attached, the functionality is fairly moot. While I totally dig the concept of a spider lantern, the toy needs some additional functionality (like an LED light) to really feel worth the purchase.


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