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Review: Dino Super Drive Saber (Power Rangers Dino Super Charge)

Dino Super Drive Saber
$24.99 at Most Major Retailers

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Using the power of the Dino Super Drive Saber in conjunction with the Super Drive Charger allows the user to transform into Dino Super Drive Mode, an upgraded version of Dino Drive that gives their Megazord even more strength. The Dino Super Drive Saber has a pretty simple design one would expect from Dino Super Charge that fits in incredibly well with the Super Charge Morpher. Inside the T-Rex mouth is a spinning light blue barrel that can hold up to five Dino Chargers, as well as an additional Dino Charger in the hilt of the sword. The toy comes packed with a non-foil version of the Super Drive Charger and features lights and sounds.

I really like the look of the sword itself. The gun barrel in the middle of a T-Rex mouth is a little weird, but the color scheme and overall design of the sword is something I like. Unfortunately the toy just sort of falls flat. With no Chargers inserted, pressing the trigger makes the barrel spin while making one generic slash sound, with one low-lit red LED glowing in the barrel. Inserting any Charger into hilt of the sword will play “Dino Super Drive Charger! Engage!” followed by a transformation sound. Now pressing the trigger will play an attack sound, as well as Tyler saying “Dino Super Drive!”. Up to five Chargers can be inserted into the barrel, but the barrel has no reader, or even any buttons inside to recognize something is inserted. Inserting a Charger into the barrel literally does NOTHING.

Overall, while I really enjoy the overall design of the sword, and would love a full sized prop, the toy itself is just not that great. The Charger is nice, and the size is actually decent, but the functionality just isn’t there. When we first caught wind of the toy, I was excited at how the barrel could function, but without a reader, it’s an additional function that ultimately leads to nothing extra at all. It’s a decent pick up on sale, but at full price, it’s a pretty easy pass unless it ends up being the only way to get the Super Drive Charger outside of the Ultimate Charger Collection.

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