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Review: DX Saver Arrow & Zakuro Lockseed (Kamen Rider Gaim)

DX Saver Arrow & Zakuro Lockseed
Premium Bandai Exclusive
November, 2015 (1st Shipment) and April, 2016 (2nd Shipment) – ¥5,616

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The DX Saver Arrow was initially released in November, 2015 with the other Gaim Gaiden 2 related merchandise, but a second shipment was planned for January, 2016. That shipment was unfortunately delayed until April, 2016, and I was in it! Huge thanks to a fan named Erik for sending me his Saver Arrow for me to review. I really appreciate the trust and help.

In the Duke portion of the second Gaim Gaiden, the main antagonist transforms into Kamen Rider Saver using the Sengoku Driver with Genesis Core Unit in conjunction with the Zakuro Lockseed and Blood Orange Lockseeds. The Zakuro Lockseed equips Saver with the Saver Arrow, a recolored version of the Sonic Arrow made from Ryoma’s plans for the Sonic Arrow. Of course, the toy comes packed with what people want most, a physical representation of the Zakuro Lockseed that debuted in the film. The set was released first in November, 2015, and again in April, 2016 for ¥5,616.

The Saver Arrow itself isn’t really anything new. It’s now black in color with some red accents where silver used to be on the Sonic Arrow. The internal electronics, other than the noise made when you turn the toy on, are entirely the same. That doesn’t stop it from looking really nice, and will look wonderful side by side with the Sonic Arrow on a wall or shelf.

The Zakuro Lockseed is a repaint of the Suika Lockseed, done in a beautiful metallic red color. The main button will of course activate the “Zakuro!” sound, but will occasionally activate a ticking noise, followed by an explosion. This mimics the scenes in the film where mind controlled citizens would carry unmarked versions of this Lockseed that would essentially be bombs. Including that bit is a great touch that I can’t help but love. It can be used individually to activate the “Blood Zakuro Arms” as well as three individual attacks as normal. To complete the transformation into Saver, it can be used in conjunction with a Genesis Core Unit and the previously released (a LONG time ago, have fun paying the prices today) Blood Orange Lockseed. Putting them together more or less creates a mess of evil sounds, but it’s what he does in the movie, so hey, go with it. The Lockseed can be used in the Saver Arrow perfectly, as the electronics have been modified to function with the Arrow weapons as opposed to the Musou Saber. Given that’s how it is used in the film, it’s a nice touch that certainly helps.

Overall, the set is certainly not a must own to most, but if you’re as hard into Gaim as I am, it definitely is. The Zakuro Lockseed is a real winner, with the inclusion of the bomb noise makes it an instant win. The Saver Arrow itself is a bit disappointing, as I would have loved to have new sounds to make it different than its mold sharing brethren. Given the fact that, for a Premium release, the price isn’t too bad, I’m willing to forgive it a bit. If you’re really into Gaim, or just really dig it, track it down, or see if you can find any orders open for the April shipment still.

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