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Unboxing: Pokémon TCG – Pikachu-EX & Hoopa-EX Legendary Collections

Pikachu-EX & Hoopa-EX Legendary Collections
$34.99 each at most major retailers

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The big thing surrounding Hoopa is that he has the ability to use his rings to summon Legendary Pokémon of the past. This is seen in both Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, as Legendary Pokémon can be found all over Hoenn via mystical ring portals, as well as in the film starring Hoopa, in which Hoopa uses its rings to summon Legendary Pokémon to battle both him and one another. To promote the Hoopa, The Pokémon Company has released two sets featuring Pikachu and Hoopa, both as new promotional EX cards. With them, each set includes five full art promo cards of various Legendary Pokémon, a code card for those six promo cards on Pokémon TCG Online, five booster packs (two XY: BREAKthrough, one XY: Ancient Origins, one XY: Roaring Skies, and one XY: Primal Clash), and a pin featuring that set’s titular Pokémon. Each set retails for $34.99 at most major retailers.

The Pikachu-EX Legendary Collection contains XY74 Reshiram, XY77 Dialga, XY79 Latios, XY81 White Kyurem, XY83 Arceus, XY84 Pikachu-EX, a code card for those promos on PTCGO, five booster packs, and a Pikachu pin.

The Hoopa-EX Legendary Collection contains XY75 Palkia, XY76 Zekrom, XY78 Latias, XY80 Black Kyurem, XY82 Regigigas, XY85 Hoopa-EX, a code card for those promos on PTCGO, five booster packs, and a Hoopa pin.

At $34.99, you’re paying around $15 for six promo cards and a pin, which in theory isn’t all that mad. It seems like a lot at first, but it’s rare to get six promotional cards in one box, so with that in mind, the deal is there for those that collect promo cards. If you aren’t a collector, these sets are pretty easy passes, as there are better ways to get five booster packs. For people who only want the pins, hunting them down separately is probably a cheaper alternative. Even if you aren’t a promo collector, the full art Legendary Pokémon included in this set are incredibly beautiful, and worth taking a look at.

Pikachu-EX Legendary Collection

Hoopa-EX Legendary Collection

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