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Review: Super Sentai Artisan Chogokin Otomonin Shinobimaru (Shuriken Sentai Ninninger)

Super Sentai Artisan Chogokin Otomonin Shinobimaru
July, 2015 – ¥5,370

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The Super Sentai Artisan line is a new(ish) Super Sentai toy line geared towards collectors. It began in ToQger with releases of the Rainbow Line tracks, Chogokin ToQ-Oh, and the DX Cryner Robo. The line continued into Ninninger (and a few other series) with the release of Super Sentai Artisan Chogokin Otomonin Shinobimaru. This is a fully poseable Chogokin release of Shinobimaru, the Otomonin partner of Aka Ninger. The toy includes articulation in the neck, shoulder, elbows, wrist, abs, waist, hips, knee, and ankles. As a Chogokin item, the toy features some die-cast metal pieces, particularly in the legs to add to the stability of the figure. Also included is a small alternate upper armor piece to emulate Aka Ninger piloting the robot on his shoulder. The toy, true to its function, can sit in the driver’s seat of Shurikenjin via fold out clips in the backpack of the toy. This was released in July, 2015 for ¥5, 370 before middleman fees and shipping as a Premium Bandai exclusive.

While I’m utterly bored with Ninninger as a whole, Shinobimaru has always been a really great mecha design that takes a lot of design elements from Kakuranger that I’ve really liked. The DX release was always sort of lackluster, as it had to fit two roles as both an arm for some combinations, and a human for the other. This figures takes one out of the equation to create a nicely poseable version of the design that just makes for an all around great action figure. If you’re a fan of the design, there’s no reason to not pick this up. Even with no Shurikenjin to go with it, it’s a great standalone figure that belongs in any Ninninger collection.

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