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Review: Ankylo Zord with Charger (Power Rangers Dino Super Charge)

Ankylo Zord with Charger
$16.99 at most major retailers

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Alongside a small army of repaints of the entire Dino Charge line was the first of new molds released for Dino Super Charge was the Ankylo Zord, a Zord viewers of the show are all too familiar with. Unfortunately, due to the delay in appearance of the Aqua Ranger suit, Bandai America pushed the release of this guy all the way to the Dino Super Charge toy line. But finally, here he is, in all his hammer tail glory. The Ankylo Zord can transform into an arm for either side of the Dino Charge Megazord, or any of the other Megazords in the line. Included is a fossil version of the Ankylo Charger. Like most Zords, it’s priced at $16.99 at most major retailers.

The Ankylo Zord is a wonderful addition to the Zord line up. It’s nice to have a four legged dinosaur as an auxiliary, with three of the four being raptor designs previously. Like the other two uses of this base design, the top of the Ankylo Zord can pop off. Like the Stego Zord, they included a handle on the weapon to turn it into a handheld hammer, though I’ve found reversing the grip makes a nice looking shield or mace sort of weapon. That’s something the Japanese toy didn’t do, and I think it’s pretty cool. While not the best in the line, Ankylo Zord is really fun, and a nice little addition to the line.

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