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Review: Deinosuchus Zord with Charger (Power Rangers Dino Super Charge)

Deinosuchus Zord with Charger
$16.99 at most major retailers

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Like the Ammonite in Dino Charge, the Ankylo Zord is joined by another Dino Charge exclusive design, the Deinosuchus Zord! The Deinosuchus Zord is based off of the #12 Dino Armor X Charger. Like the Ammonite, Deinosuchus is a completely new mold resembling the alligator like structure of the actual Deinosuchus creature. The toy features a chomping gimmick as it rolls across the table, as well as a flip down tail when a Charger is inserted to create two chompers. The Zord splits apart down the middle to form two small arm attachments that connect to the Dino Charge Megazord. The toy includes the fossil version of the Dino Armor X Charger. As with all Zords, it’s $16.99 at most major retailers.

I love this thing. Ammonite really set the bar on how enjoyable the Power Rangers exclusive Zords could be. While he doesn’t offer the level of fun shooting some figures down with the back of a snail, his chompy gimmick is sort of adorable, and I love the form it makes with the Dino Charge Megazord. The original Zords are proving more fun than anything else in this line, and this is no exception. A wonderful little toy.

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