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Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Half Shell Heroes – Dinosaur Vehicle Sets

Half Shell Heroes – Dinosaur Vehicle Sets
Robo Raptor and Triceraton – $12.99
Stegosaurus and Mikey – $12.99
Pteradactyl and Raph – $12.99
T-Rex and Donnie – $19.99

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For those that don’t know, the Half Shell Heroes are a line of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys by Playmates Toys geared towards the younger end of the spectrum in a similar style to things like Imaginext or Rescue Bots. These versions of your favorite TMNT characters may be cute, but are still quite fine. This line of Half Shell Heroes is based around the Blast to the Past special that aired on Nickelodeon a while back. Each “vehicle” set features one of the Turtles (or the Triceraton!) along with a dinosaur partner. In the $12.99 assortment of basic vehicles we have the Robo Raptor and Triceraton, Stegosaurus and Mikey, and Pteradactyl with Raph. The $19.99 deluxe vehicle assortment adds the T-Rex and Donnie. Each dinosaur includes an action feature of some sort, and the three Turtles are capable of riding on their dinosaur partners.

I’m a huge fan of the Half Shell Heroes toys. I’m a guy that likes cute things, and these certainly meet that standard. I generally stuck to getting the figure two-packs, but opted not to get the Blast to the Past themed sets and stick to the normal releases. Thanks to Playmates sending me these, I might have to look into getting the little dinos too. These are really fun, especially for their target audience. The dinosaurs on their own are functional, each having a feature of some sort. The included figures are neat as well, and I’m glad they can ride on their dinosaur partners. These are definitely recommended to any TMNT fan, no matter the age.

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